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About WIRES-X    In WIRES-X newest encoding technology, the ideal, almost telephone quality of voice with a complete absence of noises. Quality, and reliable communication is carried out with the help of an incredibly clear function of monitoring and correcting errors.
   In WIRES-X there are no boors and radio bully. Transceiver transmiting the callsign of operator, and the id of transceiver, through which he can be blocked by the owner of the node or room for his incorrect behavior. Of course, this is an extreme measure.
   The ability to connect over the Internet to nodes and rooms around the world. Our friends are constantly connected to our room from different countries.
   You can transmit a photos, text, distance between operators and direction by compass.
   Operator can work in both WIRES-X and FM. Automatic selection of the modulation mode (AMS) and data transmission.

WIRES-X news

WIRES-X news 06.09.2018 - New WiRES-X PC Software (Ver 1.420) WiRES-X PC Software version 1.420 ( 33.82 MB )
15.08.2018 - New WiRES-X PC Software (Ver 1.410) WiRES-X PC Software version 1.410 ( 37.1 MB )
22.03.2018 - New Yaesu FTM-7250DR Digital-analog dual-band radio 50W 144-430 MHz WIRES-X
02.02.2018 - FT-991 firmware update. Improved the WIRES-X operation, improvements and opt...
21.12.2017 - New PC Software Fusion-II (Ver. 1.300). DP-ID - Digital Group and Pers
27.11.2017 - New Yaesu FTM-3207. Inexpensive UHF 440 MHz wires-x radio. Output: 55W
26.11.2017 - Added C4FM id lists. Added lists of active nodes, rooms and repeaters
11.09.2017 - DR-2 new firmware, DSP. Improved and optimized some features + some new
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